Olly Murs Summer Tour Saturday 29 July & Saturday 05 August 2017

Issued for and on behalf of Stephen C Associates

We are sorry to inform you that the company Stephen C Associates Limited has ceased to trade.
Stephen C Associates is the promoter and organiser of The Olly Murs concerts on the 29th July and 5th August and the BSO Last Night of the Proms on the 30th July which will now NOT take place. Please do not turn up at either venue for these shows.

All payments for tickets were made directly to Stephen C Associates and is now insolvent and is expected to go into liquidation shortly. As a result, Stephen C Associates is not in a position to offer you a refund.

However, as you paid by Mastercard or VISA you can claim back the full amount of the payment by contacting your card issuer (your Bank or Building Society) and request a charge back for non receipt of goods. Your card company will credit you the full amount including any booking fees and delivery charges.

A separate email is being sent to you with your booking information to process the charge back claim. You will receive this within 24 hours.

If you have lost your confirmation email this can be resent to you online by following the links below and clicking resend my email bottom right.

For further information all correspondence should be sent to the appointed receiver HERRON FISHER email address Email: [email protected]

Stephen C Associates Limited offer its sincere apologies

Please do not contact Red Box Tickets as it is only the supplier of the web site technology and did not participate in any way in the financial transaction and has no access to the funds. Though Red Box is here to help you with any technical issues using the web site Red Box is unable to issue any refunds or enter into any communication on the matter. Red Box is obviously saddened by the news of the cancellation of the events and hopes you obtain your refund as smoothly as possible.

All correspondence should be sent to the appointed receiver HERRON FISHER email address Email: [email protected]

Claiming your refund

If you paid by Mastercard or VISA, Debit or Credit Card and are having any difficulties in claiming your money back the information below my be useful.

As you paid by Visa or Mastercard you are entitled to a full refund under the charge back rules which apply to all cards carrying the VISA or MASTERCARD logo.

More information is available at the link below.


The key items are listed below:

What transactions does Chargeback cover?

It covers purchases of almost any value made on your card.

You can use it to get your money back if:

  • A purchase does not arrive in this case the Concert
  • The company you buy from goes bust in this case Stephen C Associates
  • Goods or services are not as described or are in an unsatisfactory condition
  • You are charged more than agreed for a purchase or are charged more than once
  • Your card is used fraudulently

You use it if the retailer is unable to help.

How much can you get back?

You can claim back the full amount you have lost.There are no limits if you have a Visa or American Express card. MasterCard have set a minimum claim amount of £10, so purchases for less than £10 are not covered. The time limit for the claim is 120 days from the date of the goods not being delivered in this case the concert or the date that you were notified that the goods were not going to be delivered (the press release was on or around the 18th July).

Is it the same as Section 75?

No, the Chargeback scheme plugs the gaps in Section 75's protection by offering:

Protection for debit card and prepaid card transactions of any value, whereas Section 75 only works if your purchase costs £100 to £30,000